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What is Pest Control?

Regulation of Pest Control Businesses

Pest Management Professionals are highly trained and licensed professionals that protect the health and property of homeowners, public entities and private businesses through non-chemical means and the careful application of pest control chemicals (pesticides). The Applications of pesticides, and other business activities of Pest Management Professionals, are highly regulated by state agencies, which is usually the Department of Agriculture. The United States federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approves the labels of all pesticides used in PCO applications, which are then registered with state Departments of Agriculture.

Pest Management Professional Training, Licensing & Qualifications

Pest Management Professionals are regulated by an agency designated by the EPA, usually the state Department of Agriculture. For a complete listing of regulatory agencies, refer to the web site of the Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials (ASCPRO): They are required to attend periodic re-certification classes maintain licensure, and in most states, required to maintain general liability insurance. LIPCA insures only properly licensed Pest Management Professionals.

Types of Pest Control Management Professional Business Activities

The business of pest control takes several forms:

  1. General Household Pests (GHP): is the application of sprays, baits and specialized traps to protect people, structures, contents and foodstuffs from cockroaches, rodents, spiders and other pests. Also includes wildlife control.
  2. Wood Destroying Insect Control: services performed by the pest professional using liquid products, baits and other methods to control or eradicate wood destroying insects and/or organisms.
  3. Wood Destroying Insect Reports: this surrounds the inspection and issuance of a report by the pest professional for the evidence of wood destroying insects and/or organisms for the sale or refinancing of specific structures.
  4. Fumigation: the tenting of a structure with a fumigant for the eradication of wood destroying insects.